Can hermaphrodites have sex

Deciding not to operate on a child comes with some consequences, just as choosing surgery does: Abstract Hermaphrodites combine the male and female sex functions into a single individual, either sequentially or simultaneously. Correlation of fecundity and growth rate in comparative studies. Sexual selection in a simultaneous hermaphrodite with hypodermic insemination: In these cases, the male-female intersexual components might be internal; the individual might have one ovary and one testis or a combined ovatestis. Multiple mating suppresses fecundity in the hermaphrodite freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis: Routes to Resolution Mating conflicts in simultaneous hermaphrodites appear to be resolved in various ways, ranging from the selfish imposition of the nonpreferred role on the mating partner to putatively cooperative mating interactions Fig.
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What does intersex mean? Is it the same as hermaphrodite?

Is there such a thing as a true intersex person? Male and female are biological terms, while boy, man, girl, and woman are social terms—biological and social conditions do not always coincide. Boys and girls are equally affected. When a child's gender is in question at birth, the child has atypical genitalia ambiguous genitalia. Increasingly, it is being recognized that every intersexed child, like all other persons, deserves the ability and freedom to make up their own mind in regard to the gender in which they live and the persons they might love. Some children born with atypical genitalia may have normal internal sex organs that allow them to live normal, fertile lives. Money illustrated his guidelines by a case of a normal male infant one of male monozygotic twins who sustained traumatic loss of his penis at the age of 7 months, was reassigned female and underwent gonadectomy and surgical reconstruction.
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Intersex: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

They may be diagnosed as a result of having an affected sibling or they may have their abnormality as part of a generalized or major anomaly such as cloacal extrophy. The diagnosis is often made in adolescence or adulthood and again there is little debate about female gender assignment despite a male karyotype and the presence of testes. Female with normal genitals but an absent womb Some females are born with an underdeveloped or absent womb, cervix and upper vagina, but the ovaries and external genitalia are still present and they still develop breasts and pubic hair as they get older. This one may not be noticeable until puberty. The most commonly recognized intersex case at birth is that of a female having an enlarged clitoris appearing as a penis with labia that appear as a scrotum. For example, in congenital adrenal hyperplasia the child will have a female karyotype and will be born with normal uterus and ovaries. The following tests and exams may be done:
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Thank you for your feedback. It is thought this will ensure a stable gender identity. Vago says the synthetic hormones she now has to take have left her with a higher risk of developing breast cancer than she would have had of developing testicular cancer. Our GPs have never heard of it. What do doctors do now when they encounter a patient with intersex?
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